Q: Who is the central figure? Is there a Jesus, Mohamed, God…?


A: No one. Everyone. You. Pan means “all.” There is no separation from the All. No one energy is more or less than any other energy. Pan Society, LTD may be a new organization, but it’s existed since the dawn of time and has never been anything but everything.

Q: What is your position on homosexuality, pedophila, rape, robbery, polygamy, racism, abortion, etc.?


A: We have no dogma. However, we do have guidelines. They are: sovereignty, connection, and Oneness. If your actions violate someone else’s right to self determination, property, emotional safety, or space in any way, it’s not in keeping with the values of the Pan Society, LTD. If your actions or ideas isolate or separate, they are not a part of the Pan Society, LTD. If they do not express or promote oneness, they are not in alignment with our ideals.

Every individual has a choice; you can move toward Oneness or move toward separation. Either is ok, so long as you don’t intrude upon the agency of others. We are not here to make judgments for you about what creates unity. We are not here to judge your choices, simply to encourage sovereignty, connection, and Oneness.

Q: But there is evil in the world! Aren’t we encouraged to do battle with the Devil?


A: Pan Society, LTD is not a belief system where light and darkness are at war with each other. We believe in complementary duality. In other words, light and darkness are as much part of the whole as Yin and Yang. Doing battle with evil is a personal choice. How you choose to confront or reconcile that is up to you.

Q: Do you have church services on Sundays?


A: Every chapter decides for itself what holy days it observes. Since all days are sacred, you can observe any day that you wish. If you prefer, you can refrain from any formal observation.


The holy days observed by Pan Society, LTD Headquarters are:


full moons – we host a monthly full moon circle in Richmond, VA that focuses on helping us stay in tune with Nature and ourselves.


new moons – host a monthly new moon circle in Richmond, VA for women only that focuses on helping women tune into their divine femininity, the Moon, and wheel of life, and Nature.


The Promise of Spring Feb 1 Crocuses are popping out from under the snow. Lambs and goats are being born. It’s a time for new beginnings. This is a cross quarter day because it falls midway between a solstice and an equinox.


Spring Equinox – March 20- 21 When the day and night are equal length


May Day- May 1 – Spring it at its peak. We celebrate the fertility of life. This is a cross quarter day. The veil between worlds is most thin in the spring today.


Summer Solstice – June 21 – 22 The longest day of the year. Yang peaks. Yin, or the feminine energy, grows and Yang or masculine energy begins to weaken.


Feast of Transformation August 1 We give thanks for the abundance that we have received.


Fall Equinox – Sept 21 When the day and night are equal length


Ancestor Day – Oct 31 – Nov 2 The days when the veil between worlds is thinnest. It’s easiest to commune with the dead.


Winter Solstice – Dec 20 -21 The longest night of the year. Yin peaks. Yang, or masculine energy grows, and Yin or feminine energy begins to weaken.


* the dates vary depending upon which hemisphere you live in, whether you celebrate at sundown on the Eve of the holy day or the day itself, and moves slightly from year to year.

Q: Is there a Hell? Is there a Devil?


A: Pan Society, LTD doesn’t take a position on this. We simply say three things: Everything is energy. Everything is alive. All life is sacred.

Q: Do I have to believe…


A: We have no dogma. You can believe in reincarnation, Fate, aliens, angels, faeries, socialism, capitalism, Bigfoot, evolution, the Big Bang theory, Druidry, an afterlife, vegetarianism, pacifism, warriorhood, or be agnostic and still belong to the Pan Society, LTD as long as you believe that everything is energy; everything is alive; all life is sacred. Tolerance for the beliefs of others and a love of diversity is a common thread among members.

Q: How does Pan Society, LTD handle sin?


A: The concept of sin doesn’t exist in Pan Society, LTD. We don’t judge others. If you make an error, it’s generally effective to forgive yourself and repair the mistake, but even this is not a requirement of Pan Society, LTD. You have the freedom to decide for yourself how you want to address your own behavior.


Q: How can I start a Pan Society chapter?


A local chapter can be started at any time by any Member of Pan Society, LTD by filing a letter of intent with the Pan Society, LTD headquarters. Local chapters may determine their way of working that suits their own community. All chapters are self funded and self governed. Chapters may vary widely in what services, events, support they offer and what holy days that they observe.

Q: How can I become a Pan Society, LTD minister?


We don’t have “ministers” in Pan Society, LTD. We have members that we call amocaras. A lay amocara can be any person who commits to using his life, talents, and skills to promote the well being of other creatures. He (or she) is a bit like a Bodhisattva.


Amocaras commit to walking beside the people in their care and are never above or in front of them.


Anyone who lives within our belief system and desires to serve in the capacity as “Servant” may initiate himself as an amocara. It doesn’t matter if his gifts have an outwardly spiritual slant or not. He may serve as a singer, accountant, writer, substance abuse counselor, psychic, or whatever gifts he has. This is a personal covenant and may be entered into or broken at any time. This does not constitute a formal relationship with Pan Society, LTD Headquarters.


To act as a formal amocara requires training and an initiation by Pan Society, LTD. Amocaras may serve as teachers, healers, or celebrants.


Teacher amocaras use their leadership skills and wisdom to help others become more wise. They may teach through story, song, lecture, or experiential means.


Healer amocaras uses herbs, ritual, energy, song, movement, touch, or any of a number of healing modalities both traditional (like nursing or doula work) and non-traditional. Pan Society, LTD does not teach healing modalities. These must already be a part of your training or gifts. We train our Healer amocaras in ethics and boundaries to assure that sovereignty, connection, and Oneness are always part of the work.


Another form of healer amocara is called the duo utres. This person creates healing at the level of the spirit.


A Celebrant amocara is one who holds ritual and ceremonies for the community. These may include birth rituals, coming of age rites, marriage ceremonies, funerals, holy day ceremonies, moon circles, and other rituals as members or the community require.

Q: What does it mean to be an amocara in Pan Society, LTD?


A: Members and amocaras both essentially pledge to live according to the Pan Society, LTD values. This generally results in a visible expression of their lives, not simply an attestation of faith. The difference between a member and an amocara is that an amocara assumes responsibility of community leadership and/or service. This may include providing spiritual direction, officiating services or rituals, or any number of other activities. It may or may not include leading regular church services. Each amocara uses his or her gifts in the way that makes sense for him or her.

Q: Where do the Pan Society, LTD teachings come from?


A: Our primary teacher is Nature. This is why we use the wheel of life. We also gather wisdom from the great teachers throughout the ages in philosophy, spirituality, and science. We speak from our personal experience. Any source that supports the ideas that everything is energy, everything is alive, and all life is sacred can be used as a teaching tool.

Q: Is Panism a philosophy (like Buddhism) or religion?


A: We are registered and function as a church. However, you could practice it as a philosophy. This works well for those who are happy in their faith, but still enjoy the community and teachings of Panism. For example, it’s potentially possible to be a Christian or Jew and a member of the Pan Society, LTD. Essentially modern animism is a lifestyle.

Q: How do you handle gender?


A: Men and women are equal. We’re all about sovereignty. We have no prejudice for or against any race, sexual orientation, or age and do not promote such division.

Q: Does Pan Society, LTD encourage converting others to the faith?


A: It’s natural to want to share your faith with others when it’s a source of inspiration, support, love, and joy; however, our value of sovereignty requires that we respect the boundaries and wishes of others and do not push our ideas onto anyone. Our value of connection may be interpreted as making the teachings available to everyone. It’s up to each individual to work out what this means to them.

Q: As a Panist, how would I worship?

A: It’s totally up to you. There is no dogma or prescribed way to do anything. If you live your life as if everything and everyone is sacred, that’s enough. However, we do recognize that adopting modern animism is a huge lifestyle change for some people and do offer education on how to bring this into your day to day life to deepen your awareness of this connection and Oneness. These are simply suggestions and are by no means necessary. Be guided by your own wisdom.




Q: “It’s up to you is too big for me to do alone. I need structure. Do you offer mentoring or classes?


A: Yes! Just go here. We make modern animism accessible. Everyone can learn to bring animism into their daily life. So join! Ask questions! Grow. We’d love to support you on your journey. Animism is a relational path, so it only makes sense to do it with others anyway!



Q: What’s the goal of Pan Society, LTD?


A: We make animism accessible to all. We provide support and structure to those who believe in our values. If the question means something like “What do I get in return for my faith and devotion?”, there is no Heaven and no promise of a reward. We live as animists because it’s a true expression of ourselves.