Faith in Animism


Science is a poor god. Spirituality is for times and places where science reaches its limits. It’s for when we have no answers. When we get there, we don’t need science. It does no good. We need faith.

In life there are plenty of times when we reach the unknown, we have no control, or there is nothing we can do like:

  • Will I make the swim team?
  • Why doesn’t Jimmy love me anymore?
  • Will this surgery cure me?
  • Why did grandpa die?

Faith may not give us the answers, but it can give us a sense of control, and through control, we can gain peace. Faith can help us to believe in things like:

  • It will all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.
  • Everything that happens is what is supposed to happen.
  • Everything that happens is for my highest and best good.
  • My spirit guides are always with me.

Maybe we don’t understand or see how that can be true in this moment, but having that faith helps us to get through. It gives us strength to keep going. Beliefs like this help us to feel connected and that life has meaning.

Living with faith is a way of practicing for the ultimate unknown – death. Nobody knows what is going to happen when we die. If we look at Nature, though, we have clues. We see the trees budding in the springtime. We see the birds return from their migration. All over we see life renewing itself. And many of us have faith that that is what will happen to us, too. Whatever pain or badness befalls us, it will end, and a new beginning will follow.

So we surrender and stop trying to fight or control the outcome, and that results in peace.

Some say faith is foolish. Who can prove whether the faith is well placed or not? Well, on one hand you can go with skepticism, fear, anxiety, and no control. On the other there is peace, surrender, a sense of purpose, control, and connection. Neither is certain, so why not go with the one that gives you more peace?

If life were certain, we’d have no need for faith. If science could explain everything, we wouldn’t need faith. Until then, embrace faith.