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Virtual Psychic Fair

July 20


Is this full moon, eclipse, Mercury Retrograde energy making you crazy? Do you need answers? Come to our virtual psychic fair

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Get personal attention and answers in the privacy of your own home. Each 15 minute session is $20.

Here’s how it works!

  1. Browse the readers below. Choose the one who seems to resonate with you.
  2. Click on the “book now” link. This will take you to the online schedule.
  3. Choose an open slot for your appointment time. Each slot is 15 minutes. The price is $20 per 15 minute slot. You may book more than one slot or with more than one reader.
  4. You will pay online at the time that you book your appointment.
  5. One hour before your appointment, you will receive a reminder. At the appointed time, contact your reader via the method posted online. Please note: your appointment time starts and ends when it is scheduled. If you are late, that time won’t be made up.
  6. No refunds for missed appointments.

Our Readers

virtual psychic fair Cherie received her first deck of cards when she was eleven years old and has been reading ever since. She is a clinical herbalist and leads a nature based spiritual life. She always has a tarot deck in her bag and is always ready to read for someone. You can find out more about natural products at www.thedancingmagpie.com.

"Cherie was SUPERB! I had no expectations going into our reading, but was pleasantly surprised. Not only did she help formulate my totally nebulous questions into things that actually made sense, she gave me clear answers that weren't just vague, blanket statements. Her information was truly targeted for me and the situation I wanted clarity on. She took her time and our rapport was a ridiculously easy flow of information. I would highly recommend a session with her!" Ryan S.

Skype : cherie.calvert

Hours available: 10:00 – 4:00 EST
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virtual psychic fairFollowing in a family lineage of intuitively aware individuals stretching from his maternal grandmother to his aunt through to him, Grant has honed these to a fine point in his own application. An ability to delve into the practical with dates and concrete information or to weave through the less tangible worlds of feeling and soul marks him as well qualified to answer your questions on a broad range of concerns. By interpreting the unique energy around you and combining it with his own intuitive guidance Grant will assist you in bringing light and understanding to the uncertainties in your life.

Skype: live:mgrantlowther

Hours available: 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 pm EST
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virtual psychic fairKourtney is a spiritual practitioner who has been intuitively reading tarot for the past three years. Her study of divination methods and art interpretation give her a unique perspective on an age old practice.

Skype ID: live:cc74ef84afca19f7

Hours available: 1:00 – 6:00 p.m. EST
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virtual psychic fair Laura Giles is a third generation card reader who has been reading for other people since she was 12. She has read and taught tarot cards professionally off and on. Her card reading is part of a holistic spiritual lifestyle that involves tuning in to the signs to help stay within the wheel of life and prepare for life’s twists and turns. Laura reads like she talks- short, sweet, and to the point. No nonsense. When you want it straight with no chaser, ask Laura.

Skype ID: laura.giles.e

Hours available: 10:00- 2:00 EST
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virtual psychic fairTai comes from a family of Dominican Matriarchs who possess healing abilities through herbal medicine, santeras, spiritual healers, and intuitive gifts. As a child, she was always able to experience the spirit of others through visions, hearing their voices, and having revelations. Tai did not become consciously aware of her own spiritual intuitive abilities until having a near death experience and watching her spirit be released from her human capsule and then reinserted to start anew.

Tai provides intuitive card readings to support individuals in understanding, manifesting and becoming their truest self, raising the level of consciousness and spiritual growth. Tai provides all readings from a place of deep compassion and empathy to aide others in their healing process.

Tai currently works in the mental health field with clients who have a vast spectrum of mental health diagnoses ranging from PTSD, depression, schizophrenia, drug addiction, etc. She uses both her spiritual intuitive practice and mental health background to help with mental reprogramming of mental health clients to address traumas both present and throughout childhood, internal conflict, and lack thereof with guidance in the Spirit’s human experience.

Call: (617) 895-8352

Hours available: 7:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. EST
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virtual psychic fair Tisha Michelle comes from a family blood line of Psychic abilities and practices. Tisha Michelle always knew she was gifted but wasn’t sure exactly what it was. She was not consciously aware of these gifts and abilities until the death of her best friend. Through the loss and pain she remembered her purpose and her awakening began.
As a Spiritual Teacher and Certified Hypnotist she can help Identify and aide the individual in releasing blockages from the past and providing clear insight and tools for re-patterning, reprogramming and healing.
By tuning into your energy and connecting with your spirit guide she offers Intuitive Guidance readings to give you the tools so that you can regain clarity, connect to your authentic self, remember your purpose in life and receive a higher understanding and/or a level of healing of yourself in which that you seek. All of Tisha Michelle insight comes from a place of non-judgment and compassion.

Phone: 804-381-9051

Hours available: 10:00 am- 2:00 pm EST; 5:00 pm -8:00 pm EST
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Disclaimer: The readings and messages are provided to our visitors for spiritual guidance purposes only. We make no claims that these activities should be construed for any purpose beyond guidance. No guarantees of any kind are implied. The recipient always has free will to choose whether or not they will follow any guidance received and shall take full responsibility for decisions regarding his or her life. Readings or messages should not be construed as any form of psychological diagnosis, therapy or treatment; nor should any reading or message be construed as medical, legal, or financial advice.  Please consult an appropriate licensed professional if you feel the need for such a service.


July 20
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