Celebrating the Balance of the Equinox

Many of us say that we look forward to the balance of the equinox. We imagine that being balanced feels whole and right. It could actually feel pretty confusing.

When we are mindfully present in equinox energy, it can be easier to see our many faces. Reality varies depending upon where we are standing. Sometimes our motivations are hidden, subtle, multi-faceted, and inconsistent. This doesn’t actually mean we are crazy. It means we’re complicated, deep, and whole.

Here are some ideas to explore during the upcoming balance of day and night to help you embody the equinox energy.

  • Pick something that you intellectually know and explore it from your intuitive side.
  • Find something that you believe to be true, like your beliefs about gender, politics, or spirituality. Look deeply at the other side for ways that others see it as not true. If possible, have a respectful conversation with someone to hear their version of the truth.
  • Use meditation to explore the intelligence of the unconscious.
  • Just for one day, focus on the moment that you are in. Not tomorrow, an hour later, or five minutes later. Just this moment, now, all day long.
  • Set aside your goals for who you want to be and love who you are now.
  • If you are a go getter, slow things way down. If you are leisurely, be more productive.
  • Spend time with a person of the opposite gender.
  • Act as if there were no right or wrong. This doesn’t mean that you go around hurting people! Sovereignty, connection, and Oneness are still in place. It’s just a suggestion to let go of judgment for one day.
  • Imagine that it’s okay for the whole world to live in this paradoxical space. Let go of perfectionism and idealism. Be messy.
  • Do something without an agenda. Play.
  • Explore your relationship with the animal, plant, human, mineral, or spiritual realms. Is it a balanced relationship?

If you are a very orderly person, you’re probably feeling really uncomfortable right now. The list may seem like I am suggesting you run amok. Not at all. Just suggesting that we see what balance might look like.

The modern world is logical, linear, goal directed, and judgmental. What would it look like if we were intuitive, circular, curious, and accepting? The equinox is inviting you to try that out. Will you accept the challenge?

This doesn’t mean that you have to be someone else or let go of your values. It might just help you to actually be more of who you really are. Try it.

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