Energy Work

In order to comprehend how energy work can help, it helps to understand the holistic paradigm. The holistic approach to health and wellness looks at the whole person.

So let’s imagine that dis-ease is a dandelion. The traditional approach to healing is to cut off the top. That leaves the root, or the energetic cause, intact. So what happens? The dandelion sprouts again, doesn’t it?

If you’ve ever had cancer, or known someone with cancer, and it returned, that’s exactly what happened. As long as the root, or energetic cause, is still there, the issue will recur. Sometimes it returns in the same form as before. Sometimes it appears differently, but has the same root.

Energy work focuses on removing or rebalancing the root. When the root is gone, you can heal yourself.

It is sometimes miraculous and instantaneous.

Most often is requires sacrifice from you. Nature demands reciprocity to stay in balance.

This means you may have to change your diet, start to exercise, change the way you think, or change your environment.

Dandelions can’t blossom everywhere. They have specific soil requirements. We can remove the dandelions from the soil, but there are seeds of all kinds everywhere. If the soil (which comes from your lifestyle and environment) is right for dandelions, you will get more dandelions. If it’s right for sunflowers, you will get sunflowers.

If you want to work with us, wellness is within reach. You create a healthy environment for your mind, body, and spirit to flourish, and we will help to get your energy body back in balance.

We do this as a community service free on our Facebook page. It’s a group healing session that happens once a week. Please feel free to join us there.

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