Earth and Sky Meditation

earth and sky meditation

Earth and Sky Meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to be long or hard. Here’s an easy, quick earth and sky meditation that can help you purge, ground, and connect. It is so beneficial that you may find you use it every day.

Whenever you want to start the day right or get things back on track, step outside where you have a clear view of the sky and some greenery. I find trees work best, but use whatever calls to you.

This can be modified for indoors by peering out the window to see the sky and using a potted plant. Additionally, you could also do this in your mind’s eye with your favorite memory of a special place.

Now become very mindful of your thoughts. Notice them. Are they are muddled, negative, painful, clear, or inspiring?

Slowly bring your gaze up to the sky looking up and out. See as far and wide as your eyes can see. If you noticed that your thoughts that were not what you’d like, release them into the atmosphere. The element of Air is intangible. You can’t pin Air down. It dissipates. So just let those thoughts dissipate into the Air.

Trust that the sky knows just what to do with those thoughts to transform them. If they seems too heavy, ask the wind to carry it away. Sometimes a soft breeze is perfect. Sometimes a strong wind is better. You’ll know what to ask for. Just speak from the heart and let it happen.

If your thoughts feel peaceful and clear in this moment, as your gaze goes up and out, looking far and wide just let yourself fill with gratitude. Expand that peace and gratitude so that it fills the Air around you. Breathe in the spaciousness and wonder of the universe.

Continue to sky gaze until it feels “done.”

Now bring your gaze to a plant that seems pleasing and receptive to join you in this practice. Look down at the lowest part where the plant is rooted into the Earth. Feel what it’s like to be that grounded, that deeply rooted. Linger here and let it deepen.

When you have that sensation in your body, begin to look at the stems of the plant. Notice all the details- the colors and textures. If you are outside, it’s okay to even reach out and touch it.

Continue looking upward until you reach the top of the plant. As you mindfully gaze at the plant, notice your thoughts and feelings. You may sense a feeling of being more grounded and connected with the wider world. If not, just notice what there is to notice. There is no right or wrong, and things will likely be different each time you participate in this meditation.

Finish by giving yourself a few moments to return to the here and now. You may wish to journal about your experience if the event yielded things you wish to capture and retain.

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