Curious About Sacred Space? Here’s What It Is.

what is sacred space

Curious About Sacred Space? Here’s What It Is.

We throw around the term “sacred space” but what does that mean exactly?

Since everything in animism is sacred, it seems a bit ridiculous to call “this” space “sacred” while “that” space isn’t. It’s all sacred. And yet, sometimes we forget.

So when we “create sacred space” what we are doing is mentally separating a portion of the apparent world from space where we will connect with spirit. We usually do this for for a particular purpose. Perhaps we want to have a ritual there, meditate, or just use that ground as a place of refuge for ourselves, animals, or Nature.

I took a group to Orkney Island back before Covid-19 when I had my pilgrimage business. We stayed at a bed and breakfast that had a beautiful garden that was clearly used for ritual. Then they had a secret garden that you had to pass through a thicket to reach that was just as obviously sacred space.

The air felt alive there. It seemed as though there were creatures just out of vision, but you could feel with your skin. It was as though they were listening, so you dared not talk too loud for fear of disrupting the peace.

Magical places like that are created with loving attention. We can make them anywhere. They don’t have to be beautiful, natural, or quiet. They can happen on a subway during rush hour. It just takes our intention and concentrated energy.

I heard a story once of a group that had gathered on a busy, public beach for a ritual. A bystander could see them in ritual clothing going about their business, but it was as if a bubble surrounded them, keeping the ritual energy in, and everything else out. All the people outside the bubble moved respectfully around the bubble. Those inside reported that it felt like they were all alone on the beach.

Sacred springs and churches often accumulate energy from the intention of worshippers. You can feel it when you cross the threshold from the apparent reality into the sacred space. It might tingle or feel whispery. There is an aliveness to it that lets you know you’re on holy ground.

So, when you need a break and want to check in with yourself, Spirit, or Nature, create a sacred space. If you already have one, go there. Juice it up with candles, smoke, crystals, chanting, beautiful colors, music, or whatever makes you feel good. Use it regularly and you’ll notice that the energetic charge becomes stronger. You may begin to feel the calm as you cross the threshold into the space. Really! It’s that good.

Do you have a sacred space or an experience in sacred space? Tell us about it in the comments!

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