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Comparing Panism to “Spiritual Not Religious”

I often get the question, “What’s the difference between Pan Society and Spiritual Not Religious?” We have more in common than differences, however, here is a break down of what I see. These are generalizations because groups value individuality. So there is a lot of diversity in both.

Spiritual not religious tends to be a solo practice. Panist can also be solo practitioners, but since our path is Sovereignty, Connection, and Oneness, we provide lots of opportunities and methods for Panists to connect to other humans.

Spiritual not religious tends to be free flowing and without rules. At Pan Society, we also believe in no dogma. Everyone is free to have their own thoughts and beliefs. However, the belief that everything is alive, connected, and sacred gives some guidelines that promote values like open mindedness, respect, and love. Sovereignty also means that we don’t intrude on the rights, physical space, or practice of other people. We take responsibility for ourselves. Connection means we engage in fellowship with others. Consequently Panists are more likely to have something in common with other Panists.

Spiritual not religious tends to be unaffiliated. We created Pan Society so that spiritual people can be affiliated. We like connection and commonality while retaining our independence and individuality.

Spiritual not religious tends to focus on a holistic lifestyle and wellness. Pan Society does too. It reaches beyond the person to the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms too, to give people a way to connect to the universe.

Individuals who are spiritual not religious can look very different from each other. Some may believe in God, crystal healing, ghosts, and plant medicine, while others do not. The same is true with Pan Society. The practice and beliefs of each person is a reflection of that person.

People in both groups may or may not actually go to church. They don’t feel that spirituality is restricted to a service, place, or ritual. Spirituality is found within and without. Pan Society offers moon circles and holy days for those who like fellowship.

The biggest difference is that at Pan Society, we are affiliated. We have loose guidelines and beliefs, but we do have something that creates a foundation. We have holy days so that we can all observe either alone or together. So, there is a community and structure. If you are looking for that in your spiritual expression and share our values, join us.

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