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problem with indigenous animism

The Surprising Problem With Indigenous Animism is…

I had an interesting conversation with someone recently about the problem with indigenous animism. It was illuminating because it highlighted some misconceptions that are easily cleared up. Let's take a look. It's a Utopia Some people have this romantic point of view that indigenous people were living...

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how to love your space

How to Really Love Your Space

A pretty white cottage with a circular driveway lined with flowers sits along the road to town. I don't drive past it often, so I was surprised when I saw it looking grey and forgotten one day. It seemed to happen over night - like the...

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no rules

How to Live With No Rules

One of the hallmarks of Pan Society is that we have no dogma. But how do you live with no rules? How can you have a group identity without shared guidelines? That might sound like the ultimate climate for anarchy, lawlessness, and chaos. Another way to...

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fire altar

Creating Your Fire Altar

For some, particularly ladies, the favorite way for staying in tune with Nature is through the Moon. Others tune in primarily on the eight holy days. There is another really effective way to deepen the connection. That is through the elements. Summer is fire season. If...

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