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Getting to Know the Crone Archetype

"Crone." I love that word. It's an image that I hope that I can grow into one day. In order to share my vision of the Crone archetype, here is a story. The author is unknown. The Wise Woman’s Stone While walking along a mountain stream, a wise...

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relationship with food

Do You Have a Healthy Relationship With Food?

As you know, animism is about living in relationship with everything. One thing that we westerners often don't have a great relationship with is food. Here are some things to think about to guide you in this area. Do You Grow, Forage for, or Hunt Your...

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spiritual healers

Ethics for Spiritual Healers

If you engage in some form of spiritual healing- either as the practitioner or client- you have to consider ethics. Ethics? For spiritual healers? Yes, ethics always play a role in every aspect of life. All too often, this gets overlooked because many practitioners are...

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Why We Don’t Videotape or Photograph Rituals

A listener wants to know why we don't videotape or photograph rituals. There are some exceptions to this rule, like weddings, but it holds true in most situations. Here's why. You're a Participant, Not a Spectator If you are a part of the ritual, you need to...

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night vigil

How to Hold a Night Vigil

We get a lot of requests for rituals. I get it. Lots of people want step-by-step directions and outward signs that they are practicing animists. The night vigil is a very flexible, common ritual that can be used for many purposes. Keep reading and I'll...

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