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benefits of animism

Seven Awesome Benefits of Animism

Contemplating adopting an animist practice, but want to know the benefits of animism? Each person's practice will vary widely so the benefits of animism are different from person to person. But I am happy to share the advantages that I experience. Animism Gives You a Deep...

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Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Are My Favorite Boots Alive?

Have you ever thought, "Are my favorite boots alive?" Lots of people claim to be animists, but stop short of believing that things that we think of as inanimate having a soul. From this perspective, computers, socks, and brooms aren't "living" or "conscious." But are they?...

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incubate a dream

How to Have Amazing Past Life Dreams

Do you want to have amazing past life dreams? When you ask your dreams for answers or information, we call that “incubating a dream.” It’s the process of opening yourself up to engage with the unconscious with a specific purpose. This could be for past...

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Five Powerful Ways to Become Re-enchanted

If you want to really live an animist life, you need to become enchanted. It's absolutely essential. The animist world is holistic. The observable, rational, masculine reality overlaps with the feminine mystical, emotional, intuitive world. That is a world of myth and mystery that requires...

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animist initiation

Making Your Animist Initiation Special

So you want to convert to animism and are wondering how do you initiate into Pan Society. Let's look at that. What is Initiation? Initiation is the releasing of your old self and the welcoming of the new. It's often marked with ceremony, symbolism, music, dance, ceremonial...

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