Is Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony for You?

I’ve been creating content recently for our YouTube channel that includes information about sacred plants. While all plants and animals have healing energy, those that work quickly on a spiritual level are being sought at an all time high. That means it’s a good time to talk about is sacred plant medicine ceremony for you. […]

Intro to Spirit Animals

Many animist cultures believe that humans are accompanied by spirit animals. They are here to help you on your life journey. Spirit animals teach you their lessons through sharing its wisdom, skills, protection, guidance, or power. Whether you use them or not is up to you. If you are aware of your animal and call […]

We Have a New Mascot – the River Otter

I was having a conversation about spirit animals and how they help us when it occurred to me that Pan Society, LTD doesn’t have a mascot! We had to remedy that. So, I set to work on looking around at animals to see which one might fit the bill. We chose the river otter. Here […]

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Reclaim the Power of Menstrual Blood

We live in a society where menstruating is shameful, hidden, and “dirty.” Menstrual blood is polluted. We ought to hide away from others while we are bleeding, and our blood is so contaminated that it will draw power from a person. These ideas come from stories like these that many believe: “‘When a woman has […]

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The Moon as Your Personal Self Care Guide

Your natal moon (the position of the moon when you were born) can tell you the best way for you to do self care. Yep, your Moon tells a lot about how you were nurtured as a child, how you nurture others, and most importantly, the things to do to make sure you give yourself […]

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Timing With the Moon

We know that the moon has energy that influences our bodies. But did you know that timing your activities to the moon’s energetic flow could yield better results? Yep! For instance, let’s say you are having trouble finding a job. If you apply and interview when the moon is waxing, you have a better shot […]

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Why Women Need to Cultivate a Relationship with the Moon

Women aren’t being reared to know who they are. We aren’t standing in our power. We aren’t honoring the Divine Feminine in ourselves or others. A deep, meaningful way to regain what our ancestors knew is to cultivate a relationship with the Moon. The Moon as a Physical Guide Everything in the universe is energetic. […]

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How to Sync Your Menstrual Cycle with the Moon

Why would you want to sync your menstrual cycle with the Moon? Sister Moon is the guide for womanhood. When your body flows with her, you’re in a more natural flow. Your period can be a lot easier and symptom free. Here are some ideas on how to make that happen for you. Don’t get […]

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The Yoni Steam Ritual

What’s a Yoni? Yoni is a Sanskrit word that literally means “sacred place.” It is a symbol for the sacred portal to life – the womb, the vagina. Daoist tradition refers to this as “golden lotus”, “gates of paradise”, “sexual palace”, “precious perl”, and “treasure”. Language reflects our mental, social, and spiritual reality. When we use […]

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Red Moon, White Moon. What’s the Difference?

You may have heard that women cycle with the moon. The moon moves through cycles of birth, maturity, decline, and death every 29.5 days. The most fertile women follow that same pattern. They ovulate on the full moon and bleed on the new moon. Some follow the reverse cycle. Let’s look at the red moon, […]