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Lady of Holy Death, Santa Muerte

A folk saint is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and she is called Santa Muerte or, Lady Of Holy Death. Her broad reach of powers and non-judgment makes her popular with everyone from police officers to drug cartels and prostitutes to virginal devotees. You don’t...

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moon invites you to dance

When The Moon Invites You to Dance

When the moon invites you to dance, do you do it? Last night the moon woke me from my warm, cozy slumber and invited me to dance. Skyclad, I stepped onto the moonlit balcony to receive kisses in the dewy, crisp air. There is something magical...

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keeping the afterglow

Keeping The Afterglow

You know that warm, glowy feeling that you get after having a deep, meaningful spiritual experience or coming home after a pilgrimage? It fades, doesn't it? It's amazing for a little while and then you feel it draining away bit by bit. Here are some...

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creating connection

Creating Connection With Others

Creating connection with others isn't something that is formally taught. We learn it from our families in the ways that they socialize. If your family didn't have healthy boundaries or you were left alone a lot, you may not have learned how to do this. I'm...

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tree felling ritual

Tree Felling Ritual

Animism is about living in relationship with all that is. Presumably we want this to be a harmonious relationship; however, sometimes we need to do things, like cutting down trees, that break our hearts. For those times, we need a tree felling ritual. Now, I don't...

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rewild yourself

How To Rewild Yourself

Lots of people are turning to animism to get closer to Nature. They are engaging in things like organic gardening, water collection, and eco-recreation to be kinder to the environment. But what about you? Are you ready to rewild yourself? What is Rewilding? What do I mean?...

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