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hyacinth properties

Getting to Know the Hyacinth

Hyacinth is one of my favorite flowers. It blossoms early brightening the earth with loads of color. If you miss the colors, you won't miss the incredible fragrance. It's such a delight for the senses. Greek mythology has a story about Hyacinth. The flower was named...

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An Animist Look at Self-Forgiveness

We love questions! Keep sending them in. A follower wants to know what the animist position is on self-forgiveness. As you know, we don't have any dogma. There is no "official" position for anything, but I am going to run self-forgiveness through the "sovereignty - connection...

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benefits of animism

Seven Awesome Benefits of Animism

Contemplating adopting an animist practice, but want to know the benefits of animism? Each person's practice will vary widely so the benefits of animism are different from person to person. But I am happy to share the advantages that I experience. Animism Gives You a Deep...

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