tree of life

Understanding the Tree of Life

If you're new to animism, you may have heard us talk about the tree of life, but not known what that is or why it matters. As the tree of life is a symbol that has existed across cultures and throughout time, no one "owns"...

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Getting to Know the Crone Archetype

"Crone." I love that word. It's an image that I hope that I can grow into one day. In order to share my vision of the Crone archetype, here is a story. The author is unknown. The Wise Woman’s Stone While walking along a mountain stream, a wise...

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How to Be a Hero (Archetype)

The Hero is probably more important to American culture than any other archetype. Most of our immigrant ancestors came here with a dream of being the hero of their own life. They were escaping poverty, religious persecution, war, and famine. Many of them turned their...

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rebel archetype

Cultivating a Healthy Rebel (Archetype)

It is the season of the Rebel! In America, we are well acquainted with this energy. We were founded on it. The first immigrant settlers were Rebels who were fleeing religious persecution. British colonists revolted against taxation and other heavy handled practices of the British aristocracy...

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am i a shaman

Am I a Shaman?

Have you read or heard something and now you are asking yourself, “Am I a shaman?” You are the final authority on your reality. No one can answer that question for you, however, let me provide you with some things to think about that might...

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Never Give a Sword to a Man Who Can’t Dance

Confucius said, “Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance.” Oh, that confusing Confucius! Whatever did he mean by that? In some medicine wheels, the warrior energy is found in the north. The south is the direction of music, dance, beauty, creativity, and inspiration....

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