A Consecration Ritual

We consecrate our tools and ritual objects to dedicate them for spiritual and ritual work.

These are basic instructions to help guide you through your consecration ritual, but feel free to change it up and make it your own.

You Will Need:

  • item you want to consecrate
  • a bowl of water
  • a bowl of soil
  • a candle (white)
  • incense ¬†(if desired)

Figure out where the cardinal directions are in your ritual space. Place the bowl of soil on the north side of your space, the candle on the south side, the bowl of water on the west. You’ll notice that we have nothing to place on the east side but that’s because you will use your breath. Place the item you are consecrating in the center of your ritual space. Step outside the space

Light the candle and the incense, if you are using it. Take a few moments to get into the right headspace, especially if this is your first ritual.

Feel free to cast a circle and call quarters if that is part of your path. If it’s not or you are still on your journey, feel free to go to the next step.

Travel to the center of your ritual space and pick up the object for consecration.

Take your item to the bowl of soil on the north side of the ritual space. Take some soil form the bowl and rub it over your object while picturing earth energies flowing into your item. Say, ” With this soil, find my (item name) deeply rooted in my practice. Let the energy of the earth nurture growth.” Feel free to add any words you like.

Take your item to the east. Picture wind energy surrounding your item. Say, “Let the winds blow cool breezes of creativity and ingenuity over this (item name).” ¬†Blow over your item. Feel free to add or change the words.

Head to the candle in the south of your ritual space. Pass your item over the candle and imagine fire energy around and in your item. Say, “Let the purifying energies of fire spark great energy into my ( name item). ” Feel free to change or add to make the words your own.

Take your object to the west and the bowl of water. If the bowl is big enough dip your item in the bowl. If not, dip your hand and scoop some water out. Sprinkle the water over your item and picture the water cleansing your item. Say, ” Let the water cleanse and purifying my (name object).” Feel free to change and add words to make them your own.

Return the item to the center of your ritual space. It is consecrated. Open your circle if you cast one.

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